Welsh Farmhouse Apple Juice

The refreshing taste of nature...

Apples used in the juice are sourced from local orchards. All of these orchards produce some very rare and ancient apple varieties. Many of the trees in two of the orchards were planted by John's Grandfather and the family is very proud in the knowledge that these trees are producing fruit that is being made into a quality, healthy product. Each variety of apple produces its own uniquely-flavoured juice ranging from sweet to sharp. There is a flavour to suit all tastes!

About Us

John & Margaret Morris live in Crickhowell and have two children, David and Jenny. It was just over two years ago when the previous owners of the juice, Colin & Daphne Gardiner decided to retire that they saw an opportunity of adding another strand to their business.

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It is a seasonal product and our juicing season starts in August when the early sweet apples ripen producing the sweet varieties, such as St. Cecilia, before ending in December with the popular cookers such as Bramley. It is a hectic time as we have to process the apples as they ripen and no sooner have we finished one when another variety is ready to be picked.

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The juice comes in two bottle sizes: - 75cl (single variety) and 25cl (a blend of medium sweet juice). We pride ourselves in the freshness and quality of the product. Our outlets range from top quality hotels and restaurants to the local corner shop and farmers' market.

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