Welsh Farmhouse Apple Juice

The Juicing Process

The apples are picked, juiced, bottled and pasteurised within a twenty four hour period in order to capture the freshness of the product. Each variety of apple produces its own unique flavoured juice ranging from sweet to dry. There is a flavour to suit all tastes! A sample of the varieties are:

Bramley, Monarch, Tom Putt, Monmouth Green & Annie Elizabeth.

Up to thirty different apple varieties can be juiced in one season. The single variety juices are available in 75cl bottles and the 25cl bottles are a blend of medium to medium sweet tasting apples.

Picking the apples

Picking can be fun

We shake the apples on to a tarpaulin in order to keep them clean. We are selective at this stage and any badly bruised or damaged fruit is left for the birds. Our motto is "If you wouldn't eat it, don't juice it!"

Quality control

Quality Control

When the apples are brought back to the farm, they are washed and checked again. Any badly bruised fruit, leaves or twigs are discarded. After washing, they are shredded into a mulch ready for the next stage.

The apple press

John operating the Apple Press

The mulch is layered into perforated cloths, each cloth or 'cheese' (technical term) is topped with a wooden board with slits. They are stacked six or seven 'cheeses' high and then mechanically squeezed to extract the juice.

The bottling process

The Bottling Process

After the juice settles in a stainless steel tank over night, it is bottled, pasteurised, cooled on racks on its side and then stored until we are ready to label and sell it.