Welsh Farmhouse Apple Juice


The juice is sold in many local restaurants, hotels, pubs, cafes and B&B's and it is often served for breakfast as an alternative to orange juice. It can be bought locally from Usk, Brecon and Abergavenny Farmers' Market as well as from shops and Delis in Crickhowell, Abergavenny and Brecon and from many more outlets such as farm shops and local stores throughout south, east, mid and some parts of north Wales at the moment. The quality of the juice and the fact that it is made from locally-sourced apples are two important 'selling factors', but an additional attraction to many of our customers is the history attached to the individual apple variety. For example, Tom Putt was named after the Rector of Kent about 1790. This is a hardy variety and was suited to our often wet and windy conditions - 'Typical Welsh Weather!' It was also popular because of its versatility and was used for eating, cooking, in cider making and in present times, into a healthy, appetising drink!

The 75cl bottles contain a juice made from a single variety apple and range in flavour from sweet to dry. This year we made over thirty different varieties. As well as Tom Putt, other popular varieties are:

Newton Wonder, Charles Ross, Bramley, Lane's Prince Albert, Monmouth Green, Blenheim Orange...

Most of the juice is organic with a small percentage of juice sourced from apples grown under natural conditions and sold with the appropriate label. (Some clients order all organic and others are more concerned about the variety range and have a selection of both.)

Both ranges are delicious and selectively sourced for their quality. The shelf life of the juice is at least one year from the date of production and once opened, it keeps fresh for up to five days in the fridge.

The 25cl bottles contain a blend of medium sweet juice. We only produce organic juice in the small bottles. These are very popular with cafés and pubs, and many hotels and B&B's include them on their 'welcome tray' for their discerning guests.